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to save the world.

The challenge of our century is the protection of the environment. In all sectors, companies, organizations, communities, states and individuals are led to take measures to protect the environment, to protect the individual for a sustainable economic and social development of our societies. As filmmakers, we put our art at the service of companies and institutions to enhance their actions and optimize their communication. Cinema is a powerful tool for social change and our mission is to put it at the service of those who have a positive impact on the world.

We reinvest part of your commissions in the creation of positive impact films.

For us, artistic creation is inseparable from commitment to the general interest. We give a voice to those who are not heard. We value the actions of those who help change the world, every day.

Our goal? To instil a dynamic of social and environmental innovation with a positive impact in the Caribbean.

See your impact

We produce non-fiction stories with positive impact. Documentary film has this tremendous ability to sublimate reality while being deeply rooted in it. We dedicate ourselves to making a positive impact film every year.

We co-create your video strategy. We produce your impact videos and films. We publish your video content.

Those who contact us seek to highlight their values and commitment in a cinematic way.

Our story

When Hurricanes Irma and Maria decimate the Caribbean in 2017, and after a humanitarian project carried out in Dominica, we become painfully aware of the fragility of our Caribbean islands in the face of climate change. Wanting to take action, we open Creativ Sün Films, an eco-efficient film production company that reinvests part of its commissions in the production of documentary films with a positive social and environmental impact.

We produce films for cinema, TV and the web. Since 2017, our films have travelled throughout the Caribbean, Europe, North America and Latin America. They have been screened in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Armenia, Poland, Belize, Italy, Trinidad and Tobago, Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Our films contribute to the reflection on issues such as climate change, migration, discrimination, racism, and intangible cultural heritage in the Caribbean through public and institutional screenings and impact and awareness campaigns.



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