Guided by our love for documentary filmmaking, storytelling and people, we work hard to tell unique stories on contemporary Martinique and the Caribbean.

With our company CREATIV SÜN FILMS, we produce films with a social perpective for the small and the big screens.

We believe that social documentary brings a deeper awareness of ourselves and the world in which we live. It is a window on the diversity, the complexity, and the richness of our societies, on the universality of our issues and on the singularity of our life stories.

Thus, we mix our social commitment and a solid experience in international cooperation, education, human rights, and scientific research with our technical expertise, innovative approach, sensitivity and creativity to produce impact films that inspire and stimulate decision-making and action.

Through our eco-efficient, socially-responsible model, we offer tertiary-sector enterprises, public institutions, NGOs and academic research institutions cost-effective options that allow them to get their message heard in a powerful way through cinematic-quality films.

And we use the same passion and commitment to helping brands telling their message in impactful branded documentaries.


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