Our story

Our story begins in 2015 with a REBEL T3i and a trip to Dominica. There we shoot our first short film called Home with one intention: tell our Caribbean stories.
One month later, the storm Erika hits Dominica hard.

At that time, Zephrine is a teacher at the University and Stephanie works in the human rights field. We both embarked with the Koudmen collective on a humanitarian mission to help Zephrine's native country.

This experience will profoundly change our vision of the world and our islands. We become fully aware of the issues facing our islands and the urgency of telling meaningful stories.

We then commit ourselves to produce impactful films to stimulate positive change in the Caribbean.

Two years later, Hurricane Maria hit Dominica and wiped the island off the map for three days.

We decide to act and go to Dominica to film and witness the gravity of the situation on the spot with the Koudmen collective. It is the beginning of a humanitarian project and the film "The Sea Between Us".

With dozens of partners and collaborators and an impact campaign, we raise enough money to help more than 10000 people to access health care in the Northeast of the country.

We then create Creativ Sün Films, our strategy and production company for impact films with the aim to accompany other people and structures in the realization of projects with a strong positive impact.

Our impact

100000 people reached

+ 120000 views on social media

Contribution to + 50 Millions € in fund raising

Our moto: film to change the world.

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